When Should ‘Unique Accomplishments’ Be Included In Your Resume?

-National Forbes Council Quotes Lindsey Day-

While every resume you write should be tailored to the job you’re applying to, that doesn’t always make it easy to understand what information to include in your resume, especially if you have a lot to choose from. Furthermore, the information you include could be the difference between getting that invitation for an interview or not — so tread lightly. Everything you include should be there for a reason.

We compiled answers from eight members of Forbes Coaches Council who named one time when it is beneficial to include a unique but “unrelated” skill or accomplishment and one circumstance when it’s best to leave this information off.

If You Have The Space, Take It! 

Effective resumes demonstrate that you have the needed skills for the position. Once you have shown you meet the requirements, it’s perfectly appropriate to include unique information about yourself if space allows. These fun facts differentiate you from others and provide conversation starters. Place unique accomplishments at the end of the page so they don’t detract from relevant experience.

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