How To Stand Out In The Job Market When You’ve Been In The Same Role For Years

-National Forbes Council Quotes Lindsey Day-

Getting back to job hunting after years in the same role is daunting. You know your routines, what skills you’ve developed, and how your abilities stack up with people you’ve worked with.

But what you’re no longer sure of is how you look when compared to everyone else in the broader field. How do you draw attention when all the other candidates are using slick, new resumes and techniques? How do you know what actually works, and what’s just someone’s bad idea?

To find out, members from the Forbes CoachesCouncil offer this advice.

Get Involved With Professional Associations

Joining a professional association will help keep your skills current by exposing you to larger trends in the field. Better yet, get involved and become a leader in the group. This will stand out on your resume and provide you with opportunities to network — the most successful and time-tested job search strategy!

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