Everyone Says You Need A Mentor, But How Do You Actually Find One?

-National Forbes Council Features post by Lindsey Day-

Mentorship is a hot topic today — and there’s good reason for it. Research shows that within the next 10 years nearly half of management roles will be occupied by millennials. But competition is high and millennials are motivated.

Formal or informal, a mentorship can be what supports and propels you forward in your career. But how do you actually find a mentor? Below, 10 members for Forbes Coaches Council offer their advice.

Don’t Get Stuck On Defining The Relationship 

Many professionals avoid mentoring because they perceive it as a big time commitment. Learn how to ask questions to successful professionals. When you ask good questions, potential mentors will take an interest in you. Some conversations will evolve into mentorship, others will fizzle out, but either way, you will meet interesting people and gain insight into your career.

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