12 Ways To Make An Effortless Return To The Workforce After Raising A Child

-National Forbes Council Quotes Lindsey Day-

You stepped down from your job after your child was born to make sure they got the best advantages possible. Now, as they head to school — or leave the nest entirely — you’d like to return to work. But it’s not until you brush off your old resume and wonder how you should phrase “diaper changing” that a bigger question emerges: What should you put down for the time you were away?

Positioning yourself and your skills against a host of other candidates is already a daunting issue, and dealing with an employment gap can be a deal-breaker for some companies. But stay-at-home parents are not idle people, and you’d be remarkably surprised at the skill sets you’ve developed during the last few years once you stop and review what you’ve done.

Members of Forbes Coaches Council discuss how you can get ready for part-time work while positioning yourself competitively.

Don’t Lead With Your Resume

Recruiters today often need to narrow down large applicant pools. They are trained to look for potential red flags, such as gaps in employment. Submit your resume after you have identified and connected with an internal employee. They can help you get through the initial screening to the interview process, where you will have a chance to discuss your skills in person.

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